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red peony

Idle chatter

'Unlike many in my circle I think I have always understood the value of formulaic conversation and how it can make for real communication. Such exchanges can forge a link with someone when there is deep affection but no real common ground.'

— Deirdre Madden, Molly Fox's Birthday


Oh, that's lovely!
Yes, I thought so too! The whole novel is fabulous; this quote particularly so. Hope you are well.
Exactly. Like all formal courtesy, its a signalling language: between strangers, an exchange of mutually-understood data packets attached to words and gestures with different surface meanings, or none; between close friends, a thing akin to music in which emotional communication is carried in the 'notes', be they words or gestures or mere mumbles of agreement.
That's a beautiful explanation. It's something I've thought for ages but have never been able to put into words that make sense. I love it when other people do it so perfectly and I can go 'aha!' at it.
That is brilliant and so true.
It's neat, isn't it? Very simple but noteworthy.